NEW - Pre Season Stack - Game Ready, Whey and AGF-1

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In this stack you will receive the following
1 x Tub of AGF-1
2 x Boxes of 12 Game Ready Shots
1 x Pouch of 1.5KG Banana Whey
Game Ready Shots ( Box of 12)  Formulated to increase focus, energy levels and overall performance whether in a training session or competition or game day. No tingles, no big hit and drop off. Game Ready shot is a different feeling to the original but delivers in terms of focus and performance
Whey- 100% 1.5kg Pouch - Whey is a Fast absorbing high protein shake with 5.2g leucine per serving (52g) in 100% whey it can help increase muscle protein synthesis through the MTOR pathway. Norton et al (2006) Leucine Regulates Translation Initiation of Protein Synthesis in Skeletal Muscle after Exercise
“AGF-1 is the secret to gaining muscle, trust me, it works, use it in pre season for 8 weeks and see the difference.” - Sam Warburton
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