The Lions Stack

The Lions Stack

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Fuel and Recover like the British and Irish Lions, with our Lions Stack! These are some of the most popular products used by the team on tour - this stack includes:

  • Our best-selling AGF-1 to maximise Men's hormonal profiles for muscle building, aiding training performance, strength and power
  • Our 100% Whey protein to help you meet your daily protein intake, while aiding muscle gain, repair and recovery.
  • Our RGF-1 protein for refuelling and recovery after intense training sessions.
  • A PAS Shaker
  • And a box of our protein cookies to keep you fuelled between meals

Available in Banana and Chocolate flavours - The banana stack will include white chocolate cookies & banana flavour protein powders. The chocolate stack will contain our double chocolate cookies, chocolate RGF protein, and our Mint Chocolate whey protein.


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