Ask Dr Ari Manual - The Sleep Doctor


Dr Ari Manuel

Respiratory, Sleep and Ventilation Consultant

Dr MBBS (Imperial) BSc (Imperial) MRCP (UK) DPhil (Oxford)

Specialises in

  • Respiratory medicine
  • Sleep disorders

I have worked in sleep units for over 10 years in both a clinical and an academic capacity, with the last three years as a Consultant for Spire Hospitals and professional sports teams to improve sleep quality for athletes.

PAS is delighted that Dr Manuel is able to offer guidance to PAS customers who need advice on sleep. This is a unique opportunity to gain access to a highly respected individual in a specialised area of medicine.

Speaking to elite athletes and coaches, I have been told sleep is clearly neglected even though it is linked to better peak performance, reaction times and reduces the risk of injuries. Most teams superficially touch on sleep hygiene (regular sleep times, reduce screen times etc) without going into any great depth. Sleep gets less attention

There is a great wealth of data available to teams 
athletes are broadly divided into early morning and late evening types (chronotypes) based on their own internal biological clock. Performance is affected by scheduling and can be optimised by tweaking sleeping habits. We can play a role here.
We can also offer individual customised sleep plans for each player based on their habits and what they want to achieve (For eg: It takes ages for me to fall asleep, I want to sleep through the night, I get woken up etc). This is more than sleep hygiene - this is mindfulness, some cognitive therapy and some medicine.

Please use the form below to direct your question to Dr Manuel below, your question will be answered and uploaded to this page, Dr Manuel wont be able to reply directly to questions.

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