Joint Recharge (30 Gels)

Joint Recharge (30 Gels)

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Key Facts
Bovine Collagen
Zinc Citrate
Vitamin C


Training, competition and aging all cause wear and tear, and athletes need to support their connective and soft tissue to stay in the game and to help in later life.

How you can support connective and soft tissue with Joint Recharge:

  1. Acute injury protocol. Joint recharge has been designed to help athletes to aid in injury recovery and Rehabilitation:

Joint Recharge can be loaded in the early phases of injury as rehab starts. You can take 2 gels per day - One with breakfast and the other 30 minutes before rehab, then a maintenance dose of 1 gel per day while rehab is continuing.

     2. Chronic joint issues. Wear and tear on weight bearing joints is common and the incidence of osteoarthritis is higher in athletes than than the general population:

Joint Recharge can be taken every day* as a joint protection aid - Take 1 sachet in the morning with breakfast . Turmeric, a widely used and effective anti-inflammatory spice, is included to provide immediate relief for the athlete. *See note below on concerns of impairing adaptation process.

Inflammation from training has been shown to be part of the process that creates adaptation and therefore use of Anti-inflammatory medicines and supplements such as anti oxidants are generally advised against when looking to maximize adaptation.

However, working with elite athletes since 2006 has highlighted the fact that nothing impairs adaptation worse than the inability to train at your maximum due to joint pain! - Jon Williams (PAS director, WRU Performance Nutritionist).

The Science - What's in the Joint Recharge formula?

  • Collagen - the main protein that makes up our tendons, ligaments, bones and cartilage.
  • Glucosamine - the building blocks for joint cartilage
  • Vitamin C - key roles in the formation of collagen, muscle tissue & blood vessels
  • Turmeric - a potent anti-inflammatory spice
  • Zinc - roles in wound healing, tissue regeneration and repair
  • Copper - works with Vitamin C and Zinc. Essential for red blood cell formation (the vehicles that transport nutrients to our tissues), and the formation of elastin to strengthen connective tissues.

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