Sams Pre Season Stack

Sams Pre Season Stack

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Pre Season is a time to train hard, push the body and eat good nutritious foods. For me i always aimed to gain 1-2kg lean muscle in pre season as when the games start its harder to make the gains. These days its even harder with the increased running demands expected of players and therefore you need to be on top of your nutrition to allow those gains to occur. In this stack you have the following RGF-1 is a all in one blend with 40g protein, 40g carbs and 5g creatine. I would always aim to have one of these drinks per day, whether it was after weights or a as mid morning shake on rest days. MGF-1 is a blend of proteins and is perfect as a night time shake to help muscles repair and recover while asleep. AGF-1 is the secret to gaining muscle, trust me, it works, use in pre season for 8 weeks and see the difference. Protein bars are a great extra snack for those long days when the club never feeds you enough and a spare shaker incase you forgot to wash the old one out or leave at training.

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